Report Young Engineers Colloquium in Munich

On Friday, April 13th, 2018 the 5th Young Engineers Colloquium organized by both the German and Austrian group of IABSE took place at Bundeswehr University in Munich. The presenters from Algeria, Austria, England, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland and Germany showed the results of their work. The outcomes from their research and practice were presented in oral presentations as well as poster sessions accompanied by elevator pitches.

The event was opened by Prof. Gerald Siebert, chair of the German Group of IABSE, greeting the international audience. Warm welcome words from Prof. Peter Maydl, chair of Austrian Group of IABSE and Prof. Karl-Christian Thienel, Vice-President of Bundeswehr University Munich followed. Afterwards Dr. Tobia Zordan from BOLINA Ingegneria Ltd. in Italy presented an inspiring keynote speech about „Ruled Freedom and Value Protection: leading concepts for a sustainable built environment“, explaining how structural engineering is expanding more in the direction of “know how” instead of “know why”.

A total of 28 papers were presented. The variety of topics were covered. From basic principles of mechanics through innovative bridge and building engineering to digital and parametric design. After the presentations, the participants visited the laboratory for Structural Engineering at the Bundeswehr University, where YEC participants could learn about the ongoing research at the university as well as witness impact and ball drop test on laminated glass. The day continued with a Get Together followed by the award ceremony. Two prizes in category long oral presentation and three prizes in category poster were awarded. The ceremony ended with a presentation from Mr. Oliver Lauw, managing director on the A94 project, giving a short introduction on the project. It was one of the technical site walks visited on Saturday.

The German and Austrian Group of IABSE would like to thank all the sponsors for their support. The involvement without which it would be impossible to organise this great event, has been sincerely appreciated. If you would like to know more about this event and you would like to support the next one in year 2023 in Dresden, please contact the organizing committee via YEC2023(at)


Award Ceremony

We had the possibilty to award two prizes in the category long oral presentation and three prizes in thecategory poster presentation:


Early Bird Registration as a Young Enginner for IABSE Symposium in Nantes in September 2018

Mr. Semion Levin GIEBAT for his oral presentation

    “Parametric, Adaptive Design of Standarized Steel Composite Bridges


Early Bird Registration as a Young Enginner for IABSE Future of Design Conference 2018 in London

Mr. Thomas ECKHART for his oral presentation on

    “Copenhagen Swing Bridge Central Moment Connection  


Early Bird Registration as a Young Enginner for IABSE Future of Design Conference 2018 in London

Mr. Johannes SCHORR for his poster on

    “Push-Out Test and Analysis on CoSFB Shear Connector



Book prizes

Mr. Rick TITUALER for his poster on

    "Structural optimisation of slender freestanding exhibition walls for the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam"

Mr. Lukas LEIS for his poster on

    “Consideration of congested traffic within site specific traffic load models for road bridges

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