Young Engineers Colloquium 2019

The Young Engineers Colloquium (YEC)  is an annual event organized by the German group of IABSE for young engineers and pratictioners. We are happy to announce that this year, once again, we organize the the 6th Young Engineers Colloquium 2019 from 11th to 12th October at the Technische Universität Berlin.

You are a young engineer and want to present your student project, PhD research paper or construction project within this colloquium? This colloquium offers you the opportunity to present your interesting project from university, research or construction practice to an audience of fellow engineers from the civil engineering sector. It provides attendees with an overview of current research topics as well as challenging construction projects and is an excellent platform to exchange ideas among experienced and young engineers. 

Greetings from the President of IABSE - Prof. Fernando Branco

It is with great pleasure that we see the German and Polish Group of IABSE organizing the 6th Young Engineers Colloquium 2019 in Berlin, next October.

Young engineers will be the builders of our world in the coming generations when they will have to face the environmental changes effects, they will have to learn how to use new materials and they will need to solve the problems thinking, more and more, in terms of global interconnections. All this means a status of permanent innovation to face the future, building a better world.

This already renowned Colloquium joins young students presenting their new projects, during two intense days of learning and discussing of innovative ideas that will lead the engineering profession in the next years, ideas that are invited to be brought inside IABSE, as Task Groups, keeping IABSE a leading organization in Structural Engineering.

Leave your University for two days, and come to Berlin to meet again your friends, to make new contacts, to learn more about the future of our profession and at the end join our famous association.

Greetings from the Chair of the German Group of IABSE - Prof. Geralt Siebert

The successful format of Young Engineers Colloquium YEC will continue 2019 in Berlin. I am very happy, that this year the Polish group of IABSE agreed to support the event as co-organizer. Following the well-known spirit of IABSE, the YEC again provides a platform for young engineers to discuss and exchange, network and have fun together on an international level.

It proved to work very well the previous five times, so I am looking forward to welcome many engineers – young and experienced – from academia and practice to have some exciting days in the capital of Germany.

Greetings from the Chair of the Polish Group of IABSE - Prof. Jan Bien

The annual Young Engineers Colloquium (YEC) is organized for six years by the German Group of IABSE in cooperation with other IABSE National Groups. It is a great honour and pleasure for the Polish Group of IABSE to be partner in organization of the YEC 2019 in Berlin. Fast development of civil engineering infrastructure in Poland during last 20 years forms new challenges in education and training of young engineers.

The YEC meetings create an important platform for presentation of Master and Doctoral thesis by students as well as first professional construction projects by young engineers. A very important aspect of the Colloquium is the unique opportunity for international exchange of knowledge among young and more experienced engineers. Taking into account the neighbourhood of Germany and Poland, connected transportation network and cooperation in the framework of the European Union, close technical collaboration in civil engineering is of the highest importance.

I hope that participation in YEC 2019 will be very profitable for young civil engineers from both countries.