11th October 2019 - Colloquium

Registration from 9:00 am

    Technische Universität Berlin, Institut für Bauingenieurwesen,

    Complex TIB - Building 13b, Hörsaal B

Opening at 10:00 am

    Welcome from TU Berlin - Prof. Dr. Mike Schlaich

    Welcome from German Group of IABSE - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Geralt Siebert

    Welcome from Polish Group of IABSE - Prof. Dr. Jan Bień

Keynote Presentation - Dr. Michel Virlogeux, France

Oral Presentations - Part 1 - 11:00 am

    Chair: Igor Kavrakov

    Bartosz Piątek - Novel CFRP Prestressing System for Structural Strengthening

    Till Heidrich - Development of a nonlinear FE-Model for GFRP Reinforced Concrete Structures considering the Bond-Slip-Behaviour

Short Presentations of the Poster Session - Part 1

    Horae Moraveji Tabasi • Marcel Rhau • Lukas Makevičius

    Marcin Szyszka • Kamil Krzywiński • Caglar Onbasi

    Adrian Chajec • Lena Stempniewski • Mateusz Wiśniewski

Lunchbreak - 12:15 pm

Oral Presentations - Part 2 - 1:30 pm

    Chair: Stefanie Röscher

    Jörn Remitz - Fatigue Evaluation of Pre-Tensioned Concrete Girders

    Katarzyna Zdanowicz - Perspectives for chemically prestressed textile reinforced concrete

    Lisa Schewe - Influence of Distribution Functions on the ECOV-method

    Karl Drebenstedt - Improving the fatigue strength of plates with attachments through arc brazing

Short Presentations of the Poster Session - Part 2

    Jovan Fodor • Marcel Helmrich • Maciej Kulpa

    Bartosz Pisarek • Agnieszka Chowaniec • André Pluschke

    Sisi Zhang • Guido Nieri • Bartosz Gładysz, Grzegorz Kaczmarczyk

Coffee Break - 3:15 pm

Introduction of IABSE and Young Engineers Programme (YEP) - Dr. Eike Klingsch - 4:00 pm

Oral Presentations - Part 3

    Chair: Prof. Dr. Jan Bień

    Martin Herbrand - Recalculation and Retrofitting of a Prestressed Concrete Wall

    Maria Kierzek - Upgrade of railway lines

    Mareike von Arnim - Demountable Composite Steel-Concrete Structures for Reuse

    Jakub Jarosz - Deflections of Extradosed Bridge Under Construction

Closing Ceremony - 5:15 pm


Visit of the Laboratory of the Chair of Conceptual and Structural Design at the TU Berlin


Get together with Award Ceremony of YEC2019 - 7:00 pm

at Spreespeicher, Stralauer Allee 2, 10245 Berlin

12th October 2019 - Technical Walks

!!! Don't forget to bring your security shoes !!!

You are free to bring your own helmet or vest.

Please do not bring your luggage to the construction site. Please store your luggage, e.g. hotel or public lockers, as we take the public transport over the day.


Construction site „Highway BAB 100“

Meeting point: Sonnenallee 255, 12057 Berlin, “iPunkt” at 9:45 AM, Saturday 12.10.2019

   You can take the S-Bahn S41/S42 to station “Sonnenallee”, then approximately 7 min of walking to the “iPunkt”.

   We will visit the construction site “Extension of BAB 100” at 10 AM.

   You can find more information of the project HERE and get a first impression from the webcams.


Construction site „ÜBerlin Residential Tower“

   After a small lunch box, we will visit the construction site “ÜBerlin”.

   You can find more information of the project HERE.


3:30 PM is the End of Young Engineers Colloquium 2019!

   To get back to your hotel, airport or main station the closest S-Bahn station is “Rathaus Steglitz”

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Michel Virlogeux

Michel Virlogeux is born on July 7, 1946 at Vichy. He has been educated at the Prytanée Militaire de La Flèche where his father was Professor of geography. He graduated from the École Polytechnique in 1967 and from the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées in 1970.

He started working in Tunisia for three years (1971 to 1973), at the Direction des Ponts et Chaussées, and in the same time became Docteur Ingénieur of the Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris. He came back from Tunisia in January 1974, to work at the SETRA, the technical service of the French Highway Administration. He worked there for more than 20 years, becoming head of the concrete bridges division in 1980, and of the large bridges division, steel and concrete, in 1987. During this period he designed many bridges with his team, including the Normandie Bridge which held the world record of cable-stayed bridges from January 1995 to May 1998.

In February 1995, he left the SETRA to work as an independent consultant. He has been associated to the design and construction of many major bridges, like the Vasco de Gama Bridge in Lisbon and the Rion Antirion Bridge in Greece, and designed or took part in the design of many bridges including the Millau Viaduct, the Jacques Chaban Delmas lift bridge in Bordeaux, the curved cable-stayed bridge at Térénez, and with Jean-François Klein the Third Bosphorus Bridge.

He has constantly given lessons in the French technical schools, and is still Professor of Bridge Design and Construction at the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées.

He has been President of the Fédération Internationale de la Précontrainte (1996-1998), of the Fédération Internationale du Béton (1998-2000) and of the European Construction Institute (2008-2014) and is Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.